Wishbone Feather Necklace Silver

Wishbone + Feather Necklace Silver


This necklace features a Small Wishbone pendant and a Small Feather pendant on a 30” (76cm) Medium Curb Chain in Sterling Silver. You can choose from a bright silver or oxidised silver chain (oxidisation gives a darker, antique look).

The wishbone is a lucky symbol. The tradition goes that as two people try to break it apart, each person makes a wish and whoever is left with the larger part of the bone once it has been broken will have their wish granted. Feathers are thought to stand for ascendance, flight and communication with the spirit world. If you would prefer a different length or style of chain all of the pendants and chains are sold separately, so you can combine them however you like to make your own personalised necklace.


Sterling Silver


Wishbone measures 10mm x 17mm
Feather measures 6mm x 25mm
Chain measures 30” (76cm) long

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