Dominique Holmes Mandala Pendant Gold


This Mandala pendant is part of a collection designed for Black Pearl by tattoo artist Dominique Holmes. The pendant measures 21mm x 21mm, chains are sold separately so you can choose your style and length. Each design is limited to a run of 60, and will come with a numbered card.

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Dominique’s signature, linear style is inspired by Eastern art and design, primarily Mehndi patterns and Tibetan Thangka paintings. Mandala is the Sanskrit word for ‘circle’ and refers to a concentric ceremonial illustration which has deep spiritual meaning in Buddhist and Hindu traditions. The Mandala is a key part of Tantra meditation, demonstrating radial balance and creating sacred space, and it is believed to transport the meditator to deeper levels of the unconscious.


22ct Yellow Gold Plated Sterling Silver


The pendant measures 21mm x 21mm (not including the loop). Inner diameter of the ring measures 3.5mm.

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